“ As I prepared to leave treatment, the counselors’ there recommended that I move into a sober living house. I didn’t know how I would be able to do it since I had been living rent free in someone’s home for helping him around the house and helping with his elderly mother. I was essentially homeless due to unemployment for the previous two years.
I had promised my family that, this time, I would do whatever I was told to do so I swallowed my fear and “stepped off the cliff”, not really believing anyone or anything would catch me, but really having no other option. Not only had I been unemployed but, because of my previous profession, I was unemployable in or outside of that profession. My life was a shambles.
I met Nikki and she assured me that everything would be okay if I could just stay sober. So far she’s been right. I have been at the Blue Lotus House for 5 months living with 9 other women. I now have a job that I love, women who care for me and for whom I care deeply, the support of others who understand this disease, and my life is slowly turning around. I feel happy and at peace most of the time. 
There is no substitute for being immersed in an environment that is all about recovery at this crucial time for me. There is always someone willing to stay up late talking over any situation I may have. I feel respected and safe, which hasn’t been the case in a very long time. The Blue Lotus House offers this and so much more that cannot be put into mere words. I will be forever grateful!”

— Lori, sober date: 2/20/12 - The Lotus House